Kristin VG Bailey

Abstract Intuitive Artist


Hi my name's Kristin...

I'm a mixed media artist living & working in Ely, Cambridgeshire. 

As a self-confessed 'Art-Tart' I have worked with too many media to mention over my years of making, creating & painting. Whilst I don't have any formal training, I have honed my skills over some 25 years.

I've been exploring different media & have come to a love of mixed media with an abstract intuitive approach. It quenches my need for variety and I do love to throw the rule book out so I can explore with freedom.

Intuitive Art...

Because I have a strong faith in God, I use my painting as a time to worship using colour.

Most often I have a particular scripture in mind, which I meditate on while I sing along to music & paint. 

You don't have to believe what I believe, my simple hope is that the energy I experience, whether a lament or bursting with joy, that it is evident through it's combined connection within my finished work.

Foundation of my business

My 'Deep Waters' series is part of my private collection & is a series that stands as a symbol of the foundation of this sole trader business.

It's deeply connected to my faith & how fear has been replaced with trust.

Even as I write this, nervous feelings are stirred.

In response I choose to make the conscious decision to re- title those feeling as 'excited'!

Starting a business & committing myself to it at the age of 46, as a single mother, is a big step.

However my belief that my art is a valid gift from God & part of my identity in Him has paved the way to launch this business & I'm excited to take you on this journey with me.



- Institute of East Anglian Artists Annual Exhibition 2021 - Awarded Presidents Commendation -

- Collaboration organised by Arte Mix. April 2021, exhibition to be held in London 2021 -

If you would like to collaborate please do contact me unsing my email -

Buy Original Art Work

My first & last love is painting original Abstract Intuitive Art to bring joy & colour in to your living space.

Don't hesitate to dm or email me if you see a painting on Facebook or Instagram that you would like to buy. Most that I share are available to buy.

All work come mounted on a wood board & are framed in a black or white canvas floater frame.

Find my Instagram feed on this page below & click the icons to follow.



I share my practice every Sunday morning at my local church, Lighthouse Church, Ely

If you are local, or visiting the city on a Sunday, do come along to our service which starts at 10am. We are a friendly bunch & would love to meet you. Don't forget to come & say 'Hi' - I'll be the one at the back, covered in paint!

If you'd like to find out more follow this link t our website

Lighthouse Church Ely.

Spread THE Word

Alongside my abstract painting practice I enjoy lino cutting & printing.

These prints are inspired by a selection of bible passages &, with their bold black & white designs, have become a collection in themselves.

Printed beautifully on top quality T-shirts, hoodies & more they are a great way to 'Spread THE Word'...

'Overt', 'Co-vert' or 'just like the picture' 

How do you wear yours?

 - 'Overt' - make your shirt a conversation starter.

- 'Covert' - point folks to this site.'

Just like the picture'?

EVERYONE is welcome to enjoy these fun, bold black & white designs.

Please explore my current printed products that are for sale from the menu above.


"Original art is always so special & this one fills my heart with joy. Thank you Kristin." - Ally

"Thank you, love the finished piece... I hope to add to my collection I have started with my new favourite artist." - Carol

"A wonderfully warm and extremely talented artist whose creations are just superb. Highly recommended!" - Kellie

"What a woman - an artist without limits! my black cathedral now hangs proudly on the wall. Accommodating & open to ideas. If you can't find some thing to match your decor, simply ask!" - Imogen

"So glad they are a pair - it would have been sad to see the two split!" - Joe, who bought two paintings


- Institute of East Anglian Artists Annual Exhibition 2021 - Awarded Presidents Commendation -

- Collaboration organised by Arte Mix. April 2021, exhibition to be held in London 2021 -